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Capturing and making memories… at the same time.

Here at Forever and Evergreens, we believe that your love story (and your wedding day) should be a perfect reflection of who you are and what you love. Our goal is to tie all of your dreams, values, and adventure aspirations into the best day of your life.

We can’t wait to hear from you and start planning your adventure! From helping you pick which dress will flow perfectly in the mountain breeze to finding the perfect aisle of wildflowers or towering pines for you to walk down on your special day…and of course, being the best camera-wielding adventure buds, there to capture every magical detail.

Meet The Team

…aka adventure buddies, takers of epic pics, pack mules…

A picture of Tali, the main photographer for Forever and Evergreens.


◇  Probably wishes everything were blue and green
◇  Always coming up with crazy ideas
◇  Almost always holding a camera unless Dom is carrying it for her
◇  Claims, “Just one more shot!” and proceeds to take 20 more pictures
◇  Bubbly and positive even when all of the plans have fallen apart
◇  Definitely the hype person
◇  Happiest outside
◇  Loves sunrise, but wouldn’t define herself as a morning person
◇  Cheese is life, food-motivated for sure
◇  Does all of the photo editing… doesn’t mind
◇  Gets summary of signs on hikes from Dom… too busy taking pictures to read most of them.
◇  Usually eating Cheez-its
◇  Loves road trips, never drives

A photo of Dom, one of the Forever and Evergreens Photographers, in a log in Glacier National Park.


◇  Loves carrots and the color orange… it’s unclear which came first
◇  Always goes along with Tali’s crazy ideas
◇  Definitely a nerd.
◇  Can spot any animal always. If it is there, he has already seen it.
◇  Will point out animals that no regular human has a chance of actually being able to see
◇  Never leaves home without his binoculars.
◇  Doesn’t get as much credit for his photography… takes bangers.
◇  Likes to read every sign (see? Definitely a nerd.)
◇  Will share facts about rocks and plants with anyone who listens
◇  Has a weird obsession with collecting pinecones to grow trees
◇  Always looking for edible things growing in the woods

Lily Pad

◇  Makes very few contributions to the business… still everyone’s favorite employee
◇  Squirrel-motivated
◇  Loves to cuddle
◇  Thinks camping is da best
◇  Will sleep on top of you, even if there is plenty of room next to you
◇  Obsessed with anything that squeaks
◇  Always down for a hike
◇  Could totally catch a squirrel if Dom weren’t always slowing her down
◇  Too smart for her own good
◇  The best model in the group
◇  Looks cuter than you, even when wet
◇  Endless energy, but is always napping
◇  Also responds to Lily, Nugget, Nugs, Nuggets, Lpad, and anything said in a cute voice
◇  Loves road trips, never drives 



Hi there! I grew up in rural Minnesota, exploring in my childhood backyard with my brothers… climbing trees, wading through blackberry bushes, and running through the tall grass. My passion for travel started at a young age; my family would pack up in the pickup truck, camper in tow, and spend the summers exploring the natural beauty of the US. Now that I have a car (and a husband willing to drive), my desire to travel has no limit. Some of my favorite places I have visited are the North Cascade mountains and Glacier National Park. When I’m not out on the trail, I can often be found editing pictures, curled up with a good book, and spending time with family and friends… or building and designing life-saving medical devices (#nerdlife).


Hello. I am from central Minnesota, but fishing and exploring in the Montana Rockies gave me my passion for the outdoors. I am the pack mule of the duo and unofficial spider web remover. If you see me on the trail flailing around at an invisible foe, I am just doing my job. At home I enjoy biking and hiking the parks of Minnesota. I also enjoy finding edible mushrooms while exploring in the woods, but disclaimer, I’m not usually that successful. When at home, I can be found turning my gardening skills to raising household plants. We definitely have too many plants. It’s a struggle. My newest hobby is stargazing. Tali often wakes me up at 3 a.m. while camping to shoot exposures of the Milky Way, so I have taken the time to learn more about the stars and constellations. 

Our Commitment to the Outdoors is Legit!

Doing our best to be good stewards of the outdoor spaces that we love is so important to us that we took a whole course on it! That’s right, we are certified Leave No Trace Aware Photographers through the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. We are so excited about the tools that this course gave us to be an even better resource for our couples who choose to get married outdoors.


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Leave No Trace

We believe that the outdoors are for everyone. This means we respect nature and strive to leave the places we visit as unchanged by our presence as possible.

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All Are Welcome

Everyone is welcome at Forever and Evergreens. We will not discriminate who is taken on as a client and believe everyone has a story that deserves to be told. We hope you will let us tell yours!

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Client Relationships

Friendship is unquestionably valued at Forever and Evergreens. We are committed to creating meaningful friendships with all of our clients.

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Life Currently

Projects: We are wrapping up building our teardrop camper and starting a camper van build! We need to do an engine swap from our little donor van into the body we plan to build out and then the project begins!
Pass Times: We have been getting really into board games lately and love playing with people any chance we get. Dom’s current obsession is The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine. Pretty sure he always travels with it. 😂
Major Events: We bought a house! Dom is excited to have a garden that doesn’t need to be confined to pots and Lily Pad is thrilled to have a yard to run around in.
Food: Tali recently discovered a new chocolate chip cookie recipe and it has been in a major rotation in our desserts. It’s life-changing.
Next Adventures: We just got back from Hawaii and are excited for upcoming adventures in California, Wyoming, Washington, and Wisconsin. 

Tali, a Minnesota elopement and wedding photographer for Forever and Evergreens, smiles at the camera holding her dog, Lily Pad.

- Our Adventures -

When we aren’t out photographing elopements, this is what we are up to!

Sunset skies over a Lake Superior island during a cold winter evening.
A couple snuggles close along the icy shores of lake superior during the winter

Want to come on an adventure with us?