Frequently Asked Questions

We have done our best to capture some of the frequently asked questions that come our way here, but it’s impossible to bottle everything up into a simple web page. If you have a questions that isn’t answered here (or even if it is), feel free to send us an email or hop on a call for a quick chat. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

What is an adventure elopement?

There are a million answers to this question, but the short of it is: whatever you want! We can start a hike up the mountains under the stars to make it to the summit before sunrise, find the perfect waterfall to catch some golden hour light after a day of celebrations with family and friends, or do both! If you are curious about learning more about what your experience might look like, head over to the Contact Us page. We would love to hop on a call and tell you more about what we do!

Do I need to be an experienced hiker?

Not at all! If you have a love for the outdoors, that’s enough for us. We have put in the research (that’s what we like to call all of our adventures) to find locations that work for all skill levels. Whether you are looking for a 10-mile overnight backpacking adventure or something that is just a short jaunt from the parking lot, we will find your perfect wedding “venue.”

Do you offer officiating services?

Yes! Dom is ordained through the Universal Life Church and is available to officiate your ceremony. An added perk for our couples allowing you to bundle your vendors.

A bride swishes her elopement wedding dress in the forest while embracing her groom during their elopement with Forever and Evergreens.

Can I bring my family and best friends?

Of course! It’s your day and you should do it exactly how you want it. Lots of couples who chose to elope bring family or close friends with. You can even bring your dog. We can discuss your vision and find a location that accommodates the number and ability of your guests.

Do you offer drone coverage?

We do! Dom is a licensed drone pilot and we are excited to offer drone coverage as an option to our couples where we can legally and ethically fly our drone.

I have a location in mind. Will it work?

Minnesota is our home base, but if there is one thing we love, it’s a good road trip. Aka, yes, (duh) we’re in! Let’s talk about your dream and figure out the logistics to make it happen. No idea where you want to elope? That’s okay too! We have tons of locations saved and can find an epic location perfect for your day.

What sort of camera gear do you use?

We have invested a ton of money into our gear and shoot on professional setups. Your investing in professional photography and deserve a photographer who is investing in their gear. All of our cameras have dual SD slots, so we have a back-up of your images the moment we click the shutter button.

Do you offer photography services besides weddings, elopements, and couples?

Yes! While elopements, weddings, and couples are our bread and butter, we love to offer other services to our clients as well. We do product photography, family sessions, senior photos, and at-home newborn sessions too! Get in touch to let us know what you are looking for.

For more information on At-Home Newborn Sessions, check out our Newborn Photography page.

A couple cradles their newborn baby

How do we schedule our epic adventure?

Want to see the package options we offer?

A bride in a lovely wedding dress smiles at her groom during their tropical elopement