A Big Sur Elopement in Early Fall

Tali      January 20th, 2023

An elopement is a perfect excuse to get away on an epic adventure for the two of you. To visit a destination you have been dreaming about or even just to get back to a place you love. Morgan and Ryan took full advantage of this with their Big Sur elopement and it really was perfect. 

As far as stunning places to elope, it is hard to beat the breathtaking views offered by Big Sur. Rugged cliffs overlooking the ocean, sprawling sandy beaches tucked away amongst the rolling hills, and some of the best sunsets on the planet are just a few things that the area of the California coast has to offer. 

A couple embrace overlooking the ocean during their Big Sur elopement.

We started planning M and R’s Big Sur elopement in late February and were absolutely thrilled when they left the detailed location planning of the day up to us. Dom and I pride ourselves on our abilities to find hidden gems and the most epic views almost anywhere we go, whether it is for our own adventures or for our couples. We put together a list of suggestions, ran it by Morgan and Ryan and came up with the perfect location list for their day. After solidifying our plans, Dom and I took care of getting the necessary permits so that we could have a hassle free day!

M and R started their September Big Sur elopement with a slow morning getting ready together at their hotel. We found a lovely little spot in the hotel garden for their first look and then headed out for a picnic on the beach! The cool breeze off the ocean and warm rays of the sun created the perfect weather beach picnic. After finding a secluded spot with ease, M and R set up their picnic and cheers-ed to their elopement day!

Hiking in their wedding clothes, bride and groom explore a cave on the beach during their big sur elopement.
A couple cheers during their Big Sur beach elopement picnic.

Tucked away just behind their picnic spot, we found a neat little cave to explore before heading venturing off to our next location. The coast of Big Sur is lined with parks, beaches, and breathtaking views, so you never need to go far to find another place to explore. After a refreshing lunch, we were ready for a little hike, so we headed to Garrapata State Park.

A couple poses in front of one of the iconic Big Sur bridges in California during their elopement on the coast.

At Garrapata State Park, we hiked the cliffs overlooking the ocean and saw a number of birds, seals, and even a sea otter bobbing in the ocean waves! We twisted through the trails of succulents until we made our way down to the ocean. Arriving just before the tide started to come in, we were able to hunt through the 100s of seashells on the beach and climb out onto the rocks to see the tidepools and feel the splash of the ocean spray. As we were exploring, the tide started to come in and we had to make a quick dash for dry land!

When in Big Sur, one of the “to do” things is to drive down the coast and we wanted to make sure that M and R got a taste of that adventure. Big Sur is known for having some incredible bridges, so we packed up in our cars and drove the coast to check them out. The views of the bridge and the ocean as golden hour started to peak were something I will remember for years to come. Absolutely phenomenal.

During our location scouting, Dom and I found an absolutely breathtaking hidden gem and we knew it was the perfect spot for M and R to say their vows. We scrambled down the steep trail to a little hill overlooking the ocean surrounded by epic rock formations carved by the crashing ocean waves. As the sun set over the ocean, M and R exchanged their vows, voicing their love and commitment to one another in a beautifully intimate setting. The fire of their love reflecting in the colors of the sky and the intense crashing of the waves.

We wrapped up the day with M and R’s first dance back down on the sandy beach where we started the day, a beautiful full circle moment to end a perfect day.

A couple exchanges their vows on a cliff overlooking the ocean during their Big Sur elopement.
A bride and groom hike along the beach in their wedding clothes in search of the perfect picnic spot during their Big Sur elopement. The bride is hiking in her wedding dress with her train trailing behind her in the sand.
A couple dances in a cave on the beach during their Big Sur Elopement in September.
A bride ties her shoes while preparing to hike in her wedding dress for her adventure elopement.
A couple hikes through a tunnel of trees during their Big Sur adventure elopement in California in their wedding clothes. The brides dress kicks up some dust as it drags through the dirt while she is hiking in wedding dress.
For a wide variety of scenery and epic ocean views, Big Sur is one of the best places to elope in the US.
Taking a drive down the coast is a must for your Big Sur elopement! Here a couple embrace under one of the famous bridges along the coast of Big Sur.
A couple standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean look out at the sunset during their Big Sur elopement.
A bride and groom say their vows on their wedding day as the ocean lights up with the colors of the sunset behind them along the California coast.
The golden light of sunset reflects off the ocean behind a couple as this kiss on their wedding day.
A bride and groom kiss on the beach during their elopement in Big Sur, California. Footprints in the sand indicate they that have been hiking along the beach in their wedding attire. The train of the brides dress is sanding from hiking in her wedding dress.
Footprints in the sand lead to a couple walking along the beach of the California coast during their elopement.
A couple holds hands as they walk along a beach in Big Sur, California, enjoying the last traces of sunshine that color the sky on their elopement day.
A couple celebrate their elopement on a beach in Big Sur, California.

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  1. Wow Big Sur just seems like the best place for an elopement and you captured it all so beautifully! Also that picture of them reading their vows is just amazing!!!!

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