The Perfect Save the Dates, Wedding Invites, and More for your Big Day!

Tali      June 22, 2021

This blog post was sponsored by Basic Invite, but all thoughts and opinions in the post are our own.

There are so many options for save the dates, wedding change the date cards (an unfortunately increasingly popular need in the time of covid), and wedding invitations out there, but finding exactly what you want can be a daunting task. I tried out Basic Invite and loved how customizable all of their designs are! The color of every element on the card can be changed with over 180 different color options, fonts style and size can be adjusted, and the elements on the cards could be moved around to fit perfectly with my design. The freedom to modify the design to fit with whatever image I wanted to use was a real game changer!

When creating save the dates and change the dates on Basic Invite, being able to choose from such a large selection of premade designs with the ability to tweak them to better fit with the images that I wanted to use and the style that I was going for was definitely my favorite feature (Dom’s too!). I struggle with this every year when putting together my Christmas cards (which they also offer!). Many other sites only allow you to drop in your image and change your name… being a bit of a perfectionist, I need the ability to adjust everything perfectly, which was so easy with Basic Invite.

The designing doesn’t stop with just the card though! Basic Invites gives you the ability to make an impression before your guests even open their cards with over 40 different colors of envelopes to chose from. The perfect option for someone looking to add a personal touch to every detail. Also, definite bonus points for peal and seal envelopes… As the individual that typically gets stuck with the envelope licking job for the annual Christmas cards, this is definitely a little detail that I can appreciate. There are also options for adding addresses to the envelopes which can be further simplified through their free address collection service. That means less time spent on the boring tasks and more time for all of the fun parts of wedding planning.  Woot woot!

After you have finished designing the front of your card, there are plenty of options to personalize the back as well, if you would like (although, this is obviously not an option if you pick the clear card 😉). There are different pattern options for something simple and elegant, options for adding photos or including a little note, and even the options to turn your invite into a postcard! 

To add even more of a personal touch to your design, there are a number of different paper options available. We tried out the Clear, Smooth Coated, Signature Matte, Luxe Velvet, and Double Thick Matte. Of these options, the Luxe Velvet was our favorite. True to its name, this paper felt luxurious and was the best paper for printing a clear, detailed picture. The Double Thick Matte was a sturdy card, almost a thin piece of cardboard, but the more intense texture of the paper made the images less crisp than on the Signature Matte paper.

Other fun details that you can incorporate include foil text and rounded card corners. We tried out the foil text on two cards and loved how it popped on the card with the darker background. It definitely catches the eye!

Not only does Basic Invite have all the wedding stationery needs covered, but they also allow you to create a free, completely customizable wedding website! A wedding website that matches the theme of your invitations? Yes, please!

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