Felipe + Laura | A Chilly Minnesota February Wedding

Felipe + Laura | A Chilly Minnesota February Wedding

Tali      February 14, 2021

Talk about a wedding of extremes! Felipe and Laura got married on February 12th in Minnesota and mother nature decided to show up in full force! By the time Felipe and Laura’s wedding rolled around that afternoon, the temperature outside was a whopping -5 degrees Fahrenheit! Luckily, their ceremony was inside a beautiful tropical garden, which gave us about an 80 degree temperature swing.

We started the day with Felipe and Laura’s first look in a grove of tall pines illuminated by the golden glow of a sunny winter afternoon. The sunlight danced through the ice crystals on the trees and off of the light dusting of fresh snow on the ground casting a magical light on everything it touched. We positioned Felipe just around a bend in the path and Laura snuck up from behind for their first look. It was obvious that all thoughts of the cold quickly vanished when their eyes met for the first time on their wedding day. I don’t think I will ever get over the beauty of the moment that couples share when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. I say this about every moment of the day, but I think the first look really is one of my favorites!

After their first look, we hung out in the pines for some stunning portraits. We came prepared with hand warmers, toe warmers, body warmers, blankets, and all the winter gear. We also planned time into our shoot to run back to the cars to warm up to keep everyone comfortable and safe! Since we knew it was going to be cold, Dom and I made sure to scout a beautiful location that was just a short walk from the cars so we had easy access to them to warm up throughout the shoot. To keep her ceremony bouquet fresh and beautiful (and not frozen solid), Laura made her own bouquet of pink roses to use for their portrait session. Her bouquet was lovely and the perfect solution for shooting in the cold.

A wedding flower bouquet sits on the snow among tall pines on a chilly winter day.

As the sun started to set and our portrait time came to an end, we set off to freshen up for the ceremony. Then we met back up at the beautiful Como Zoo Sunken Gardens for Felipe and Laura’s wedding ceremony. The soft warm light in the gardens provided a romantic aura as Felipe and Laura’s friends and family gathered for the wedding. A carefully positioned iphone live streamed the event to friends and family who were not able to attend. Felipe and Laura’s grandmother, who was officiating the ceremony, took their places at the head of the gardens. As the music started to play, Laura walked down the stunning flower lined aisle to meet Felipe on the stairs at the end of the garden.

A newly married couple runs through the snow on their elopement day