Dani + Noah | New Year's Eve Intimate Wedding in the Sunshine State

Dani + Noah | New Year's Eve Intimate Wedding in the Sunshine State

Tali      December 31, 2020

Wedding planning in the time of Covid… am I right? Dani and Noah were faced with the dilemma of many 2020 couples: how to put together a wedding in the midst of a pandemic. While I am sure both would tell you it was an added source of complication to the planning, the end results were perfect. Dani and Noah decided to do an intimate wedding in Florida with just their families (and me!). 

The morning started with a casual breakfast while the wedding party got ready at the groom’s family’s AirBnB in Indian Rocks Beach. After a slow morning, the party made its way to the chapel for the ceremony. Dani got dressed and had a virtual dress reveal with her crew in the glamorous bridal suite while Noah caught up with his groomsmen in the groom quarters. Before the ceremony, the couple snuck away for their first look while their families peaked through the chapel windows.

The ceremony was beautiful, with many personal touches. Music was put together by family members, and the groom’s nephew was the cutest little ring bearer. An added bonus, the ceremony was live streamed so friends and family who weren’t present were still able to share in the moment. 

The magic didn’t end after the ceremony. The newly married couple left the chapel in the glow of sparklers held by their family members (and me! I definitely didn’t want to miss out on the sparker fun!). While sparklers might typically be something seen at evening weddings, they were just as magical paired with the golden glow of the afternoon sun.

The bridal party then ventured back into the chapel for the first dance, another moment made even more special by music sung by one of their family members. After the dance, their family made their way to dinner while Dani, Noah, Dom, and I snuck away for a quick photo session behind the chapel. We found the most magical oak dripping with Spanish moss and tons of fun tropical plants which made a perfect backdrop draped in the golden light of the evening.

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  1. This is such a wonderful summary of our perfect day! We are so happy you could be there to not only capture our day, but to also help us celebrate!

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